“Terence’s poems don’t simply sit upon the page, waiting for you to read them; they grab you in their wind and spiral up above the earth until you are hanging with Major Tom out there in the ether, looking down upon our spinning orb with different eyes.”

– Kate Hill Cantrill, author of Walk Back From Monkey School


“[Degnan's poems] are simply propelled into the atmosphere urgent, heartfelt, both playful and dead serious. The contagious energy of the music hops off the page. It’s hard to keep up with the burning fuse of these lines, but well worth the effort. His dazzling imagery will send your head spinning. He’s a true original whose voice needs to be heard.”

– Jim Daniels, author of Birth Marks


"Terence Degnan's collection, Still Something Rattles is an examination of mortality and causality and the ways in which they intertwine. These poems investigate the subtle links between our banal, everyday lives and the impact they inevitably have on those around us. There's a logic here that's nimble and has a light touch, which can blame the kidneys for failing to satisfactorily deal with a ninth beer, but also bear witness to the butterfly effect at work in the fallout of broken lightbulbs halfway around the world (in relation to) the moment a local boy falls in love. Since Terence is the bar's resident poet, I would gather that alcohol played a part in these clever jumps, but I've talked to him stone-sober, and that's simply the way his mind works. Every bar needs a bard, and Terence happens to be ours. We couldn't be prouder to have him."

– Scott Stubbs, proprietor of Mission Dolores Bar, Brooklyn, NY


"There are poems that rattle you and poems that soothe you, poems that scare you and poems that save you. In his lucid new collection, Terence Degnan offers us all of these kinds of poems. In a grammar that mirrors the pain—and ease!--of being, Degnan settles us and then unsettles us only to settle us again. Full, satisfying, and ultimately redeeming, Degnan reminds us not only what poetry can do but what it must do."

– Nicole Callihan, author of SuperLoop